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Diversification is a key principle of intelligent investment and underpins our strategy. BrightSphere created the multi-boutique model and over 4 decades has evolved it to connect the diverse perspectives, entrepreneurialism, expertise and talent in our Affiliates to high-growth and in demand segments.

We align incentives for growth through a partnership structure that provides each of our Affiliates with meaningful equity ownership and profit interests in their own firms and preserves the unique culture that has made them successful. Our Affiliates generate strong free cash flow which is deployed to support their continued growth and generate strong long-term returns for our shareholders.


Our leadership is focused on helping maximize the value of our segments and supporting the success and growth of our Affiliates. Operating a lean, decentralized model means that we can maximize the organic growth potential for our Affiliates and the value for our shareholders.

Strategy & Segments

Our Affiliates are leaders in their investment disciplines, and we accelerate their organic growth through targeted support in areas such as product development and expansion and enhanced distribution capabilities at the Affiliate level.

Quant & Solutions

  • Versatile, highly-tailored, outcome-driven investing to achieve client-specific goals
  • Leverages data and technology in computational factor-based investment process
  • Ongoing product innovation responds to evolving client needs
  • Highly scalable offerings with substantial capacity and growing global demand


  • Predominately illiquid, with selected differentiated liquid strategies
  • Diverse private market strategies with long-term track records of outperformance in private equity, real estate and real assets
  • More than 90% of revenue comprising of stable management fees from long-term committed capital
  • Long-dated investment periods provide long term committed assets
  • Growing global investor base and substantial capacity

Liquid Alpha

  • Long-term alpha generation across diverse, differentiated long-only investments in public securities
  • Strong performance over market cycles driven by consistent investment discipline
  • Broad presence in multiple distribution channels including institutional SMA, sub-advisory and insurance
  • Expansion into in-demand, higher fee offerings support healthy operating margins

Diverse Products

BrightSphere Affiliates serve over 750 institutional and sub-advisory clients across approximately 30 countries. This global footprint accelerates our Affiliates' market innovation and organic growth through distribution.

Regulatory Information

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