Benefits of Our Multi-Boutique Model

We invest in boutique asset managers, with the members of those firms retaining meaningful equity in their firms. This incents the continued participation of talent, spurring growth and profitability.

This economic framework aligns our interests with those of our Affiliates and their clients. It provides for the sharing of profits, which keeps the focus where it belongs: On growth.

Ongoing equity recycling at the Affiliate level ensures that our Affiliates also have the tools to attract, develop, reward and retain talent, facilitate succession planning and establish the foundation for multi-generational leadership and success.

Our Affiliates retain their individual brands and cultures and continue to have operating autonomy and authority for investment decision-making, giving them the ability to concentrate on what they do best: Managing money for their clients.

Our Affiliates are diversified by brand, investment strategy, client type, location and asset class.

The broad diversification of our Affiliates has the potential to help stabilize results and earnings across varied economic and market conditions.

We actively engage with our Affiliates to provide strategic and financial support, including growth and product development capital, as well as a Global Distribution platform that expands market and channel reach. Each Affiliate decides the extent to which it wants to make use of these capabilities.