Campbell Global


Campbell Global brings more than three decades of experience and leadership to sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management. As a full-service firm, we acquire and manage timberland for investors, while seeking to provide the highest quality service and expert management. Known for expertise and integrity, we seek to deliver superior investment performance by focusing on unique acquisition opportunities, client objectives, and disciplined management. As of December 31, 2016, the company manages approximately 2.6 million acres (1.1 million hectares) worldwide.

Campbell Global has a diversified institutional client base that includes corporations, governments and endowments. The firm employs individuals across the U.S. and Australia, and provides its clients with an integrated, full-service approach to timberland investment through its broad expertise in sourcing and executing timberland acquisitions, as well as asset management and disposition. Campbell Global's management team is led by Chief Executive Officer and Chairman John Gilleland.




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