Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley


Founded in 1969, TSW applies a value-oriented investment approach across a range of products in U.S. and international equities and fixed income. TSW employs a proprietary screening process to generate focused lists of companies that are most attractive within different market capitalization ranges. The firm's investment professionals then use fundamental analysis to construct portfolios, which they believe are inexpensive on a cash flow basis and are showing evidence of positive change. The process also employs rigorous risk controls and a sell discipline.

TSW has a diverse client base that includes corporations, pensions and profit-sharing plans, 401(k) and thrift plans, trusts, estates and other institutions and individuals. TSW's singular investment objective is to outperform its benchmarks, net of fees, over rolling three- to five-year periods. The firm's management team is led by Chief Executive Officer Frank Reichel, President John Reifsnider, Chief Investment Officer Brett Hawkins, and Director of Operations Lori Anderson.




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